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Parteurop Pharma is a partner of choice in the life sciences business thanks to its seasoned, experienced team and its international network.

Parteurop Pharma’s core practices are focused on consulting, management of projects / start-ups, private equity, financing in the Life Sciences field and trading of biological products.

Parteurop Pharma relies upon a diversified network of international consulting and financial partners.
Parteurop’s vision is to build long-term value with its clients which are all the players involved in the life sciences network from start-up to Béig Pharma through academic research and civil society.

Parteurop Pharma is based in Lyon, France. It was founded in 1991 by Jacques-François Martin, formerly CEO of Pasteur Merieux Connaught (now Sanofi-Pasteur), Chiron Vaccines and The Vaccine Fund.

Thanks to its founder Parteurop Pharma’s team has developed particular strength in the field of immunology, with a particular focus on vaccines and therapeutic antibodies (polyclonals and monoclonals).

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